Saturday, April 10, 2010

Skin Regimen

      I just changed up my skin care routine as of January &&& i’m loving the results :) My skin is now deliciously supple. I have combination skin oily & dry. I find that i’m most oily in my Tzone which is the area on my forehead, nose, & chiny chin chin. I have some dry spots and flaky skin around my face :( plus freckles (that stopped being cute at around age 12). MY skin is not perfect so I always try to hide it with foundation. I’m such a slave to foundation .. I will not be caught dead without my Face on !! I have a love hate relationship with foundation. I know it’s ruining my face contributing to clogged pores & uneven skin tone but I just can’t go on with out it. I try to always clean my face & keep my make up brushes clean. I clean the brushes once a week (every Sunday is Brushloveday). Check out my tutorial on Brush Maintenance

So my routine for “deliciously supple” skin starts the night b4 by cleaning off my make up.

To remove my eye make up I use MAC “ Gently off eye & lip make up remover”

For my face I use the Pond’s “micro dermabrasion gently exfoliation cloths”

Then I wash my face with Biore “Revitalize: 4-in-1 self-foaming cleanser”

Twice a week I will use Queen Helene’s “Mint Julep Masque” or any time I do extractions ( I love love love this mask partly because it’s GREEN !!)

if I notice any breakouts i’ll swipe a Stridex pad over them I use the alcohol free formula with 2% salicylic acid.

Then I will massage Bio-Oil into my face for 5mins

Then I will apply a generous amount of Cetaphil’s “moisturizing lotion”

and i’ll wear my greasy face to bed :)

In the morning my skin feels sooo plump & soft.

I will wash my face again with the Biore “Revitalize: 4-in-1 self-foaming cleanser”

then I will a apply a small amount of Ambi Fade cream for Normal skin

      I'm not a Derm but these are the products that have been working for me. Although, while I was seeing a derm she prescribed Retin A && at first my face freaked out and i broke out a lot for like 2 weeks then it was excessively dry that's when the Derm recommended cetaphil because the formula does not clog pores. Furthermore, Retin A did not work for me my skin was really dry all the time and I started breaking out again after a year of using it. Around that time I started getting facials. The tech turned me on to Dermalogica & I credit that product conjoined with having facials every 6 weeks with helping me control my break outs. I went from my face being crazy to just having probably one to two zits a month. Another thing that she recommended was tossing my Apricot Scrub it's really too abrasive for the skin on your face.. I use it for my feet now it makes them super soft:)

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