Thursday, September 30, 2010

FOTD: nicely nude

Face products
Face Primer: Hard Candy “Sheer Envy Primer”
Foundation: Maybelline dream smooth mousse 240 natural beige
Concealer: MUFE 5 camo cream palette
Powder: MAC Prep & Prime & MAC blot powder

Brow: Rimmel Kajal sable brown & Urban Decay brow box in honeypot
Eyeliner: Rimmel Kajal jet black
Mascara: Maybelline lash stilletto

Blush: Elf Tickled pink & Nars Torrid
Bronzer: Rimmel Sunlight
Contour/Highlight: Sleek contour palette medium

Lipstick: Elf “nicely nude”

Bonus picture of Jillian Reynolds, Good Day L.A host, who's make up is always flawless!!! Isn't she just gorgeous ?? I must say that Los Angeles has the best looking news ppl ;)


Sunday, September 26, 2010

channeling fall fashion

Fall has officially begun but the weather hasn't figured it out yet. Today the temperature hit a blazing 110!! I refused to be a prisoner of the heat and bravely headed out to do some retail therapy.

teal cardigan $9.99 @ fashion gal
lace trim cami $7.00 @ old navy

greyige cardigan $11.99 @fashion gal
multi tank $11.99 @fashion gal

         HI MY NAME IS EVA and i'm a bargain shopper!! I believe that there are certain items u should splurge on like jeans, shoes, & handbags but for the rest it's all about finding good bargains. Fashion changes so quickly so it's good to shop at what i like to call "disposable clothing stores," i.e H&M, forever 21, charlotte russe, and old navy. The quality might not be long lasting but the price allows you to stay current with today's trends without breaking the bank. A really big neutral color this season is greyige, it's a mix of beige & grey. Cardigans are in! Place a tunic or tank under a cardigan and finish it off with a belt for that layered look. I must confess i love cinching my waist with a belt it automatically looks like i lost 10lbs!! I plan to wear these looks with leggings & boots. Now if only the weather would cooperate :(


Saturday, September 25, 2010

FOTD: it's HOTT in LA

ayy esta muy CALIENTE :(
just when i thought i could start rocking those faux fur vests
the weather smacked me with an 101 degree day!!

Face products
Face Primer: Hard Candy “Sheer Envy Primer”
Foundation: Maybelline dream smooth mousse 240 natural beige
Concealer: MUFE 5 camo cream palette
Powder: elf HD powder & MAC blot powder

Brow: MAC swiss chocolate/embark
Brow Bone: Sleek contour palette (the highlight part)
Base: MAC PP rubanesque
Eye lid: MAC goldmine smoked out w/ MAC amber lights
Eyeliner: Rimmel Kajal jet black
Mascara: Maybelline lash stilletto

Blush: NYX Peach
Bronzer: Nars Laguna
Contour/Highlight: Sleek contour palatte medium

Lipstick: Revlon super lustrous “pearl”


Thursday, September 23, 2010

top-favorite-can’t-live-without products

Rosebud Perfume CO. *Strawberry Lip Balm*

      i suffer from chapped lips and this lip balm really soothes them && has the most amazing smell ;) I can’t go anywhere without it && there’s def like 15 of these little guys scattered around my house.

available at Sephora

price $7.00

NIVEA *Smooth Sensation*

      i use this cream all over it really hydrates my skin and gives it a “smooth sensation” My hubster loves it too && it has a great fresh “just got out of the shower” smell.

available at Walgreens

price $6


Queen Helene’s *Mint Julep Masque”

      i primarily use this mask for when i have break outs. I apply a dab of it over the problem areas and leave it over night. It helps to dry out pimples quickly. When I use it as an overall face mask it really freshens up & tightens pores. I love that tingly feeling you get when u 1st apply it. I’ve decanted and placed it in a glass jar that I purchased from ikea. I just think it looks prettier in a jar than in a squeeze tube.

available at Walgreens

price $2.99

Mario Badescu *Whitening Mask*

      i recently reviewed this item & i am soo obsessed with it!! It really works wonders on hyper pigmentation and acne scars. I also dab this product on problem areas and leave it over night.

available at Nordstrom

price $24.00

Cetaphil *Moisturizing lotion*

       i have oily/dry combination skin and I feel that the formula of this lotion really compliments my skin. It adds moisture without adding more greasiness. It claims to not clog pores :) The only issue I have is the smell.. it’s very medicine-like. I’ve also decanted this product into an ikea jar.

available at walgreens

price $9.00

Hard Candy *Sheer Envy Primer*

      AMAZINGGG product!! It works great at minimizing my large pores. It does not break me out. This product has completely replaced all of my other primers I will no longer shell out more that eight bucks for a primer.

available at walmart

price $8.00

Avalon Organics *Vitamin C Vitality Facial Serum*

       i feel that this product has greatly improved the quality of my skin. It has made my skin more supple & given it a more healthy glow. I use this product every morning before applying my make up. I also store this product in the fridge to prevent it from going bad.

available at Vitacost

price $13.71


       i developed stretch marks from a growth spurt I had during puberty. The stretch marks are located on my lower back. I’ve been using this product for about 4 months and those scars have been fading significantly. I’ve also used this product on my face and while it does seem to lighten acne scars the mario badescu mask does it faster.

available at Target

price $19.99

Monday, September 20, 2010

help me put together a gift for my mom!

          My mom will be turning 50 next month & I want to put a make up goodie bag together for her because she loves make up just as much as i do. I was wondering if anyone could give me any suggestions...

thanks a bunch :)


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

mario badescu is my new BFF ♥

         It only takes one bad break out to make you realize that you need to update your skin regimen. My skin had been behaving nicely since February, yes it was oily & dry at times but it wasn’t anything my cetaphil & mint julep masque couldn’t tackle. About three weeks ago my skin freaked out. I broke out at all those spots that are impossible to cover up, hence the lack of FOTD pots. I broke out on my right cheek, on my upper lip, and both sides on my chin. I tried my hardest to dry them out but those babies did not want to go away :( Finally about a week and half after the initial break out they started drying out, it felt like forever!! Now I was left with bright red & purple marks all over my face. I picked up the Mario Badescu whitening mask @ Nordstrom and began to apply it religiously. I purposely ignored the instructions that say to leave it on for 10mins. I left it on over night and during the day at times for more than 3hrs. I saw results immediately but I thought maybe it was just my wishful thinking and I asked my husband to check it out and he confirmed it as well. Now all the red is gone and the darker spots have lightened. I’m just sad I didn’t hear about this product sooner. 50,000 gold stars for Mario Badescu :) On another note, I also tried the Rose water spray from them & it smells amazing. I use it after I do extractions & it really calms my skin and acts as a toner.

Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater $7 @ nordstrom
Mario Badescu Whitening Mask $24 @ nordstrom

♥ eva

Friday, September 3, 2010

FOTD: plum dressing

          Contemplated naming this post.. "ignore my puffy face it's that time of the month" seriously tho' does anybody's face swell up like mine??? Argh, well besides puffy face issues I wanted to share with you the mess that i call my brows :) I had the decency to at least fill one in so it wouldn't scare anyone (ahh me sans make up)

         here's both of them filled with eyeshadow because it looks much softer & natural. I also use the MAC #208 to fill em in :) I get asked that a lottt. I always thought that filling in your eyebrows was a MUST when doing your make-up regimen because I always saw my mum do it. Now that i'm older I realized that my mom actually has no eyebrows!! She's been begging me for the last few years to take her to get them permanently done because she doesn't wanna get to the point where she's too frail to do them herself. I'm just such a procrastinator :( I know this amazing lady that does awesome permanent make up too. I have to schedule her an appointment ohhh and I can feature her on my blog !! (i love how I just babble)

          So for today's FOTD I really wanted to try the new foundation & makeup products I picked up especially the MAC shadow plum dressing. I'm really BIG on purples .. mattes & shimmers whatever I just love them. I have brown eyes so I have to make them POP.

Face products
Face Primer: Smashbox Photofinish oil-free
Foundation: MAC studio tech NC35
Concealer: MAC studio finish NW30
Powder: Prep+Prime “Transparent Finishing Powder”

Brow: MAC swiss chocolate
Brow Bone: MAC eyeshadow rice paper
Eye lid: MAC plum dressing
outer V: MAC graphology & smoked out with MAC trax
Eyeliner: Rimmel Kajal jet black
Waterline: Rimmel Kajal jet black
Mascara: Maybelline lash stilletto

Blush: NYX Peach
Bronzer: Rimmel sun light

Pencil: NYX Natural
Lipstick: MAC snob'

          I really loved the coverage of the studio tech. Although it was very challenging to put it on. I used the MAC #130 so since the brush is smaller it took a lot longer to cover all the surface area of my face but the application was flawless and not at all streaky. I also for the first time tried a pink lippie and I really liked it. Snob wasn't super intense pink so it's a good gateway pink for me. I was a little disappointed in Plum Dressing. I expected it to be a little more intense purple and less pink. The color pink around my eyes just makes me look tired. I dunno what do you guys think??? oh && i'm super obsessed with Rimmel Kajals they have great staying power even on the waterline :)