Sunday, August 30, 2009

purple eyes.

so yesterdayyy was my daddies 50th bday so i decided to have fancy eyes.

as primers i used..
Urban Decay “eyeshadow primer potion”
Mac paint pot “painterly”

as far as eyeshadows.
i used Vanilla on the inner corner of my eye
3 diff purples from the Coastal Scents palette
rice paper for highlight
eyebrows sketch

Friday, August 28, 2009

my birthdy present !!!

i’ve had my eye on the coastal scents palettes for a while now...

sooo i ordered them from the coastal scents online store

88 piece make up palette (matte) $18.95

10 piece professional blush palette $15.95

ultra shimmer 88 eye shadow palette $19.95

fed ex free shipping (ordered on August 19 arrived August 26)

after much debating i am SO glad i got them !!
i was seriously skeptical because of the price that's the cheapest
make up that i have ever purchased. I am so satisfied with the
overwhelming assortment of colors. They are also highly
pigmented i wore a purple look last night (in the scorching heat)
and the color stayed thru dinner & clubbing !!

voila !

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

pink leopard cheeks

isn’t it just the cutest?!?

i’m seriously a sucker for cute packaging !!

it’s called “Pink Leopard Bronzer” by Too Faced

soo, i’ve been stalking this baby @ sephora
for like a month & it’s been out of stock

its sad every time i’d walk past it i’d swatch it
and get all sad cuz it’s not mine :(

so i found it online @

it was $28

so of course today when i went to sephora it was in stock :(

it loooks gorgeous except i guess i’m too dark so it doesn’t really
show up on my skin as a bronzer but more like a pretty blush.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

how to clean your make up brushes

make up brushes need to be properly cared for to ensure their longevity
esp since they are an investment.

i usually spot clean my brushes about once a week
and every 3-4 i give them a good deep shampooing.

for spot cleaning grab a bounty towel
fold it into fours and dab some mac brush cleanser
swipe brush side to side against the towel until
the brush is clean mold the bristles back into shape
& lay flat to dry

for a deep cleanse
take the sponge from inside ur cleansing jar
an moisten with water place sponge back in jar with the blue part down
and add about a nickel sized dab of johnson & johnson baby shampoo
swipe brush side to side against the white bristles of the sponge
use this method for small eye brushes

for face brushes
hold the wooden end of the brush and run only the bristles under water to moisten make sure u do not get the metal part wet !!
add baby shampoo to the palm of ur hand and swoosh the brush back in forth
until it lathers ur palm will be brown at this point rinse the brush & repeat until
the lather is almost white rinse & lay flat to dry

materials needed
- mac brush cleanser 235ml $11 @ mac pro stores
- johnson & johnson baby shampoo $4 @ target
- brush cleansing jar $5.49 @ michaels (found in the brushes section)
- replacement sponges x2 for jar $3.99 @ michaels 
you can also visit the online store for the jar loewcornellproducts
(i put the link... because michaels can be a pain to navigate thru)

must have

i’m a HUGE fan of nyx jumbo eye pencils

i use them under my eyeshadows to serve as a base & to make my shadows POP!
and @ $3.50 a piece they’re most def a good investment

total must have color is MILK

they’re usually $3.50 @ ulta or but i found them for $3.00 @
andddddd on top of that they have this back to school sale of 20% off

new home for my brushes

my new ‘sephora’ inspired brush holder

materials & where to buy
glass vase 4 1/2” square $9.99 @ michaels
colorfill plastic bead .1lbs $5.99 @ michaels
brushes from mac.

mac palettes

so i labeled my mac palettes cuz when i’m playing around
with my shadows i like to remember which color combos
looked the best !

so here goes....

mac palettes are a great way of keeping your eyeshadow collection
neat & organized esp. when u label them just use any chart program on
ur computadoraaa... i used numbers off my mac.

where to buy & price details
- can be found @ mac pro stores or mac online store
- mac pro palettes 15x retail for $12 & the pro palette refill pans (shadows) are $11