Tuesday, March 30, 2010

DIY: Mani a La Von Teese

Dita Von Teese has been sporting these for a while now & i wanted to try them. Rather than hitting up the nail salon w/ a picture a decided to try to do it myself & surprisingly it was SUPER easy.

here’s my inspiration :)

What i used :
100% acetone
hole reinforcements (self-adhesive kind)
cheapie eyeshadow brush
“lincoln center” by NYC polish
seche vite top coat

First, i cleaned off my nail polish & applied the circlers to my nails

Then i applied to coats of NYC “lincoln center” polish & just b4 the polish was completely dry i pulled off the circles carefully

lastly, I cleaned up the corners of nails with brush & applied a coat of seche vite

“licoln center” NYC $1.72 @ target
“seche vite” $8.49 @ sally’s beauty supply
“hole reinforments” 544 count $1.99 @ target

Saturday, March 27, 2010

family shots !

I have cabin fever!!! I’m been quarantined @ my parents house for exactly 8 days & i’m going bananas :(|) !!! Luckily I stumbled upon my old stash of nail polishes that i haven’t played with in months... pshh my momma was keeping them from me.

so here’s a group pic of my essie’s

St Barth’s Blue
Buy Me A Cameo
Sold Out Show
Wicked x5

I have no idea why i have bottles of wicked in various stages of demise. The sad part is that I have like 5 more at my apartment ;(

I don’t love the 1st four... I bought them because they were soft colors for work. I use Waltz for my french manis sometimes.

now a family photo of my OPI

(you can click on the pic to make bigger)

You Rock-Apulco Red!
Atomic Orange
It’s Now Or Never
All Lacquered Up
The Thrill of Brazil
Pistol Packin’ Pink
Fit for a Queensland x3
Quarter of a Cent-Cherry
Route Beer Float
Lincoln Park After Dark
Bastille My Heart
Strawberry Margarita

love these!! i’m really into burgundy colors & fun stuff. My Dh is gunna die when he sees this stash he’s currently packing all of our stuff from our apt in LV. He called me this morning all proud of himself saying that he had individually wrapped all of my polishes & eyeshadows to prevent breakage. (LOL) He’s such a cutie. When we settle into our new apt I really wanna get a nail polish rack or a spice rack to display my babies.

I totally recommend not paying full retail for nail polishes they can run like $8- $12. It’s not even worth it & sometimes shady places mix their own polish and re sell it in OPI bottles. So don’t risk it here’s are some sites that sell the real thing them for super cheap.

8ty8 beauty
head to toe

DIY: French mani !!

i’m convinced i have nail polish ADD. i get bored of my nail polish fairly quickly & popping into the nail salon gets way pricy. (((plus it weirds me out when they start recognizing me-.- ))) So recently i started doing my own french manis. It’s super easy !!!

So what you need is... a white nail polish, a clear coat, 100% acetone, an eyeshadow brush, and if u like pinkish polish

for my white coat i use fit for a queensland by OPI, it’s from the Australia collection. I use this instead of a matte white because it looks iridescent
my top coat is seche vite ( the BEST top coat everrrrr )
the acetone is from target
the eyeshadow brush i’m using is from an old estee lauder brush set (but any small brush will do as long as it it doesn’t shed)
you can use a pinky color if u like.. i sometimes use Sold out show by Essie

so first apply about 2-3 coats of the white polish at the top edge of ur nails let dry for a minute or two

then you dip ur brush in your acetone and lay it flat on ur nail & rub against the polish in a fan motion
do this until u create the edge u desire.

then apply a coat of seche vite & let dry for 3mins

you may apply a pinky color b4 the seche vite if you like.

(((i’m in my brother’s room so ignore the samurai swords in the background)))

Fit for a queensland By OPI $4.48 @ 8ty8 Beauty
Seche Vite top coat, 0.5 oz. $4.25 @ 8ty8 Beauty
Sold out show BY Essie $8.00 @ Amadeus Spa

Friday, March 26, 2010

SPRING nails!

I'm obsessed with nail polish!! I love keeping my nails groomed & polished even if it's just a clear coat. I always find myself scoping out the hands of other women. I think nail polish speaks volumes about the type of person you are. I have zero tolerance for chipped nail polish it just bothers me!! At least for me there's nothing like a good nail color to raise your spirits. Right now i'm totally loving Pistol Packin' Pink from OPI. It's part of the OPI classics line. To get the look I applied only two coats.

Pistol Packin' Pink $8.00 @ Amadeus Spa

Monday, March 8, 2010

Revlon is giving MUFE a run for it’s money.

i LOVE MUFE’s HD foundation ever since i discovered it i’ve essentially thrown out all other foundations including bare escentuals, neutrogena, clinique. It applies evenly & smoothly it lasts all day. It looks perfect in pictures. It does not break me out at all & it just makes my skin look amazing.

Then Revlon came out with their PhotoReady foundation & it’s also amazing. From application to wear it’s almost identical to MUFE’s. Except that it does give you a sort of white cast when taking pictures.

The biggest difference is $$$. MUFE’s is $40 while Revlon’s is less than $14 :) Although Revlon’s is a bit pricier for a drugstore foundation it’s def. worth it it’s replaced my MUFE as my everyday foundation. I only wear MUFE now for special occasions when I know I might be photographed.

make up forever “HD foundation” in 127 @ sephora $40
revlon “PhotoReady” foundtion in 005 natural beige @ kmart $ 13.29

smashbox “photo finish” primer VS laura mercier foundation primer

for the photo finish
gel formula applies evenly & smoothly
it stays for more than 8hrs
big reduction in pore visibility
does not break me out.

packaging in bulky
pump lets out too much product

for mercier primer
keeps my Tzone from being shiny
it stays for more than 8hrs
does not break me out
convenient packaging
more product for your money.

it dries too quickly when applying to face
it doesn’t feel as silky as the photo finish

smashbox “photo finish” primer (colorless) 1 oz @ sephora $36
laura mercier foundation primer 1.70 oz @ sephora $30