Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tips on surviving a low buy.

1. give yourself a budget
      I give myself a spending limit of only $200 a month for beauty products. I keep a separate bank account for my beauty purchases this makes it easy for me to track and control my spending once my atm runs of money i’m out of luck. I never use a credit card because I found that I would always spend near my limit just on make up alone. (p.s. I have the cutest atm card)

2. start a wish list
      I keep a spreadsheet of the items I want. I usually research the product by reading online reviews from fellow beauty bloggers. I try to find a retailer that has the item for the cheapest price and sometimes I hold out and wait until that item goes on sale. For example, elf’s website has a 50% off sale every couple of months. Also, sometimes i’ll look over the list and delete things that i’ve fallen out of love with. It really cuts down on my impulse buying. So every time I visit a store I sorta have a shopping list :)

3. shop your stash

      I try to use different products everyday whether it be a different blush or moisturizer. If I find myself not reaching for something in particular I put it in a separate box if by the end of the month I don’t miss it. I give the stuff away to my niece, my brothers gf, or my mom.

4. swapping
      I personally have not tried it yet. I'm really scared to try since i'm a nooob :(

Monday, June 7, 2010

Flirt blushes

         Finally I got my hands on the Flirt blushes from Kohl’s. To my surprise, they have a pretty wide selection of colors. The blushes are pigmented and easily blendable and would easily rival Nars blushes. I really enjoyed the hard plastic packaging and the ability of sliding the blush open. It comes with a mirror and a little brush. The part that I liked the best was that they have samples of everything so you can swatch as many as you want. Here are my swatches

(left to right)

All dolled up, Heartthrob, Dapple Apple

each were $14.00

          I made the mistake of not checking one of the blushes and when I got home it was shattered. I took it back and they exchanged it for me no questions asked. They were out of stock on two that I wanted and I think I might just purchase them online down the line.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sonia Kashuk replaced my MAC

Confession: I love my Sonia Kashuk more than my MAC brush

I’m talking about the infamous synthetic flat blusher brush. I washed it and to my surprise it did not shed at all. My MAC 109 sheds like no other while I bathe it. Since the synthetic bristles are a little dense it took all night to dry. I used it to apply my liquid foundation the next day and it was amazing. The brush did not shed one hair. The application was flawless with no streaks in sight. The best part is that the brush is a steal @ $14.99 and can be found at Target.

          On another note, I finished The Carrie Diaries & have yet to see the movie. I really enjoyed the book. I could not put it down and ended up reading the whole thing in two days. If you haven't read the book skip the rest for this paragraph. The young Carrie is as sassy, witty, and flirtatious as the Carrie Bradshaw we have seen on Sex and The City. Although she is not part of the popular clique in school she has a tight knit group of friends who she is very loyal to. For some reason I found it really hard to like any of her friends with the exception of Walt. His big reveal in the book was a little bit of a shocker. Carrie's love interest in the story is so a Mr. Big, he gives her mixed signals all the time. I really loved the writing in this book so much that I bought another book by Candace Bushnell called "One Fifth." I loved-loved-loved that book too !! If you like the Carrie Diaries I totally recommend "One Fifth." I can't wait to get my hands on more of her books. My friend Audrey suggested I check out Overstock.com they have very good prices on books & $2.95 shipping :)