Sunday, September 27, 2009

this is my CLUB face & hair

Laura Mercier foundation primer -oil free
Make up forever HD foundation 127
BareMinerals foundation medium beige
MAC prep+prime transperent finishing powder

eyes & brows & lashes
1.Urban Decay primer potion
inner lid MAC all that glitters
outer lid MAC print & outer V MAC carbon
brown bone MAC CLUB
highlight MAC Vanilla
inner under eye MAC all that glitters outer CLUB
brows embark
lashes Ardell wispies & mascara RIMMEL glam eyes lash flirt

contouring & cheeks & highlighting
contour soft matte bronzer estee lauder
cheeks NARS sin
highlighter theBalm maryloumanizer

lip pencil MAC stripdown
lip stick MAC myth
gloss MAC love nectar

Big sexy hair volumizing dry shampoo @ roots
Kerastase chroma riche
blow dry w/ round brush
Big sexy hair spray & play

Friday, September 25, 2009

l'oreal hip duo palette

so today i depotted all of my l’oreal hip duos
the colors & pigmentation are great but the packaging is super bulky
the top side contains 2 eyeshadows & the bottom side has a mirror and applicator

so i order an empty 12 pan japonesque palette from

i depotted my shadows by using a lighter i warmed up the bottom of the pans
& popped them out with a needle

they all survived the move except for one :(

+ japonesque 12 Pan Professional Shadow Palette Kit - Large $14.00
+ l’oreal hip duos $6.99 - $7.14

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

manly palette <3

my new palette :)

120 manly palette !!!

$29.95 (with shipping included) ebay seller: starriedesign

Sunday, September 20, 2009

gold & blue

MAC goldmine, freshwater, rice paper :)

i've been wearing this look 2days in a rowwwwww !!

Monday, September 14, 2009

rainbow eyes part II

I'm rocking this look @ the next rave.

colors courtesy of the coastal scents 88 palette (matte)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Leishi eyes.

for this look i used
light green

as primer & base
Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion
MAC “rubenesque” paint pot

inner lid to mid lid
+ beige

+ green

brow bone/ contour
+ blue

+MAC “brule”

inner lash line
+ beige

outer lower lash line
+ blue

upper lash line & waterline
Maybelline black “ultraliner” water proof & MAC “graphblack” eye pencil

+ MAC “sketch”

+ MAC “NW30” studio finish

Leishi !!

i finally got my shipment of Leishi mineral eyeshadows !!

i got 6 different shades
light green

they are soo NICE !! esp for the price i got 24 for less than $15
the colors that i got are super shimmery & pigmented they were really
easy to apply and blend. Only issue i had is that they can be kinda messy
but i guess that's how mineral make up is in general. I LOVE THEM !!

you can find them on ebay :)


so i used to be a slave to MAC bulk wipes
it’s a make up remover w/ moisturizer
but @ $ 26 per pack of 100.
i was really struggling with the idea if it was worth it

so i hit up tar-jay i started realllly low end with some
target brand ones comparable to the neutrogena brand (under $4 !!)
and they did the job just as good as the MAC ones.

then i found another target brand one made comparable to “Ponds clean sweep”
and i think these are the BEST they have little ridges so i feel like it gets more
make up off with one sweep & they’re very soft against the skin
they come infused with chamomile & vitamin E ! (also under $4 !!)

ohh & forget buying blotting paper wipes.
just use kleenex or any napkin will do :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

MK satin lips.

ahhh my 1st videoo :)

rainbow eyes.

so my friend audrey bought this CUTE jacket the other day...
& it got me thinking of the fun rainbow colors it had

i used yellows, pinks, & oranges from the 88 color eye palette & the 88 ultra shimmer palette

"Pink Yellow Blue Checkered Fur-Trimmed Bomber Jacket” from Torrid ($68)
Palette’s from Coastal Scents ( $18.95)

Bastille my <3 !!

i so desperately want it to be FALL !!

Bastille My Heart
OPI nail polish from “La Collection De France”

according to OPI it’s a "glimmer of rich burgundy"

it retails for like $8+


Again i’m a sucker for CUTE packaging !

check out my this highlighter from The Balm “Mary-Lou Manizer”
it LOOKS amazing & its a lot of product for the price only $22 @ sephora
it comes w/ a mirror its a pressed powder that has tons of shimmerr !!!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

foundation in HD

i’m a believer

So ppl have been rating & raving about make up forever’s “high definition foundation”

its been really hard for me to find a foundation that will give me the coverage i need without making me look cakey. So i just kinda settled for clinique’s “even better” foundation it feels wonderful on my skin but i don’t think the color matches my skin as well as other MAC foundations & the coverage is ok but u can still see my freckles :(

kinda on a whim i decided to try the new HD foundation..

Kat @ sephora color matched me in less that 5 seconds she was like ur “127.. now lets not take off ur pretty make up & trust” she said its for medium to full coverage ... i barely put anything on and it had already covered up all the freckles & red spots !! i think it has a really smooth finish (not sticky to the touch like some MAC foundations) but almost silky. I didn’t try the HD primer because i’m really happy with my Laura Mercier primer.

i so love it !!! it survived a night of sushi, clubs, & after parties
no reapplication !! no shiny oily skin !!

Friday, September 4, 2009

CARGO "barcelona"

i just got the CARGO palette in “barcelona”
(i’m obsessed with finding the perfect purple!!)

clockwise the colors are royal blue, sea foam green, violet, maiuve

as primer & base
Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion
MAC “rubenesque” paint pot

inner lid to mid lid
+ sea foam green

+ royal blue

brow bone/ contour
+ violet

+MAC “brule”

inner lash line
+ sea foam green

outer lower lash line
+ mauve

upper lash line & waterline
MAC “graphblack” eye pencil

MAC “sketch”

+ MAC “NW30” studio finish

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

blue eyes

as primer & base
Urban Decay eyeshadow primer potion
MAC “painterly” paint pot

inner lid to mid lid
+ MAC “vanilla”
+ MAC “restrospeck” on top.

outerlid to up to brow bone
+ Urban Decay “kiddie pool”

+ MAC “freshwater”

+MAC “brule”

inner lash line
+ MAC “vanilla”

outer lower lash line
+ MAC “freshwater

upper lash line
+ MAC “carbon” & “sketch”

+ “graphblack” eye pencil MAC

+ MAC “sketch”

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Love your brushes.

so as i was cleaning my brushes...
i noticed that the little numbers were rubbing off :( eep.

i am SO kicking myself for not doing this b4.
because @ work we tell ppl to do this all the time !!!

but anywho... today i applied clear nail polish
over the Mac logo & brush #.
just one coat is enough

it gives the logo more of a shinier look