Friday, September 11, 2009


so i used to be a slave to MAC bulk wipes
it’s a make up remover w/ moisturizer
but @ $ 26 per pack of 100.
i was really struggling with the idea if it was worth it

so i hit up tar-jay i started realllly low end with some
target brand ones comparable to the neutrogena brand (under $4 !!)
and they did the job just as good as the MAC ones.

then i found another target brand one made comparable to “Ponds clean sweep”
and i think these are the BEST they have little ridges so i feel like it gets more
make up off with one sweep & they’re very soft against the skin
they come infused with chamomile & vitamin E ! (also under $4 !!)

ohh & forget buying blotting paper wipes.
just use kleenex or any napkin will do :)

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