Monday, May 31, 2010

MAC Palettes.

1st row: Gorgeous Gold, Goldmine, Amber Lights, Mythology, Wood Winked
2nd row: Sellout (UD), Honeylust, All that Glitters, Honesty, Naked Lunch
3rd row: Vanilla, Brule, Bisque, Rice Paper, Motif

1st row: Retrospeck, Club, Print, Smut, Carbon
2nd row: Trax, Sketch, Graphology, Shadowy Lady, Beauty Marked
3rd row: Sumptuous Olive, Tempting, Texture, Swiss, Embark

1st row: Goddess (UD), Stately Black, Deep Truth, Freshwater, Too dolly
2nd row: Cranberry, Coppering, Romping, Budding Beauty, Pink Venus
3rd row: Yogurt, Sable, Satin Taupe, Fig 1., Satellite Dreams

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Update: weightloss, furniture, & recent blog sale score

         Today, I slipped on my favorite skinny jeans just to see if they would fit and to my surprise they did!! BTW, they are the GUESS Daredevil Skinny Jeans. They are still a bit snug and i’m getting a little bit of a muffin top thing but hey at least they closed. Who knew that simply changing your diet could yield such great results. I haven’t weighed myself... because I obsess about it, i’m waiting till Sunday for the weigh in.

         I finished the Carrie Diaries in two days!! It was such a great boook :) It gave a lot of insight into Carrie’s life and family. When I got down to the last 100 pages.. I didn’t wanna finish it. Now I can’t wait for my husband to get a day off so we can go see Sex in the City II. He promised to take me if we watched Iron Man II, LOL I secretly wanted to watch Iron man as well so it wasn’t that hard of a trade off ;) Wendy Williams went to the premiere of SATC2 and wore a $20 Little Black Dress from Walmart and paired it with some killer Giuseppe Zanotti booties.

She looks amazing and I bet nobody knew her dress was from walmart

         I’m thinking about what book to get next. I saw both the Oprah book by Kitty Kelley & the Laura Bush one... ahh and I also want a Kindle!!! My husband said that it’s either a dining room table or the Kindle.. and I said i’d be more than happy to eat on the floor. :) Sometimes I wish I still lived with my mom & dad .. if I asked my dad for a kindle he would have gotten it for me no questions asked since it’s educational... OMG I used to be terrible.. when they paid for my credit cards... I used to shop at this clothing store named “reference” it’s exactly like forever21 same clothes just different name for some reason. My dad would be like .. why did u spend $200 on reference... and I was like it’s a book store dad!! hahha and he would forget about it. Alas, we bought a dining room table. Here’s a stock photo...

It’s a bit gaudy, but I love the leather seats. what do u guys think??

          Also, few weeks back, I scored these awesome shadows from Kristina's Blog Sale over at Sasquatch Swatch

(From upper left to right Satellite Dreams, Satin Taupe, Sable, Fig 1.)

         They survived the journey except for Satin Taupe a little piece is broken off but that’s okay :) The sender packed them in an elf quad which I thought was genius. The silly post office delivered it to my neighbors house instead of mine :( I had a mild heart attack... but my neighbor brought it over !

Thanks for reading;
♥ eva

Monday, May 24, 2010

Haul in reward for weighloss :)

          So, I've lost 4lbs !! Not the first five yet but it's been hard since my feet are still a bit swollen. I have def. changed my diet. No more eating late or eating super greasy foods. I've also switched to only using grape seed oil it has less saturated fat than regular cooking oils. I've been drinking tons of water and green tea.

so here's my tiny haul that I tried to keep under $20

elf minty lip gloss "miami"
elf wet gloss lash & brow clear mascara "crystal"
elf eyebrow kit "medium"
revlon super lustrous lipstick "sparkling cider"
revlon super lustrous gloss "pink pursuit"
revlon super lustrous gloss "coral reef"

          I finally found the revlon glosses they've been out of stock everywhere!! I'm convinced that my neighbors are all makeup addicts. Every time there's a product that gets hyped on the beauty blogs they just fly off the shelves. I totally understand why these glosses are getting a lot of love. They are smooth & not sticky at all. My only complaint is that they have that lame doe foot applicator but it makes sense for a drugstore brand.

          Also to prepare myself for the release of Sex & the City 2, I picked up "The Carrie Diaries" !!! I was watching the Wendy Williams show (how you doing) and she had Candace Bushnell on the show. I had no idea that Candance was actually a journalist or that she actually had a column called Sex and the City. I was like OMG She's the real life Carrie Bradshaw!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

UK Wishlist & Possible Swap

         I am so jealous of UK girls!! I wish we had BarryM, Gosh, and Sleek here. I was wondering if anyone was interested in doing an international swap. I’m in Los Angeles and we pretty much have everything here :) I would be more than happy to pick stuff up for you and ship it or I can just pay you for the stuff via Paypal. You can email me here:

here’s my UK wishlist

Gosh: Darling
Gosh: Nougat
BarryM: 101 Marshmellow
BarryM: 136 Golden Bronze
BarryM: 132 Pinkie Gold Sparkle
BarryM: 53 Coral
Sleek: Face Countour Kit both Light & Medium
Sleek: Kajal Eyeliner Nocturnal
Sleek: Kajal Eyeline Odyssey

I will be very generous and you can ask for anything not just make up ;)

Downtown L.A

thanks for reading,
♥ eva

Friday, May 21, 2010

8th pic in 8th folder + 10 Q's

          The uber cute Georgie from everythinggeorgie tagged her followers to show the 8th picture in their 8th folder.

so here's mine ..

My 8th folder is where I keep my nail looks :)

Sally Hansen "Patent Black"
OPI "Koala Beary"
Top Coat Sech Vite
M57 konad plate "leopard print"
A02 GCOCL plate "hello kitty"

now onto the 10 Q's

1. What shoe size are you? 8.5 to 9 i have finger toes.

2. Where do you work? I'm a stay at home wife :)

3. Favorite piece of clothing you own? Well, my most prized possession is a grey Chanel cashmere sweater but it doesn’t get much love right now. My favorite thing right now are my studded Chinese Laundry sandals I scored them on my first ever trip to Ross in Las Vegas.

4. Your favorite blog? Lady Art Looks it’s a blog that's run by my hairstylist Azelle Santa Ana & make up artist Alana Dawn. They're both amazing they do work with Melody Esahni & dimepiece designs :) I learned the heat ur eyelash curler trick from them. I'm also featured on the Blog here when I dyed my hair brown & here when I dyed my hair red. Check them out!!

5. Do you have any pets? nope.

6. How many siblings do you have? I have one older brother Martin :)

See we look a lot alike !!
We are two years apart but while we were growing up we always got mistaken for twins. Our birthdays are in the same month so we celebrate them together. In the last pic he's wearing a wig and it's scary how much he looks like me LOL.

7. If you could live anywhere were would it be? BRAZIL! My good friend Mari just moved back there. She is one of the most beautiful ppl I have ever met seriously there is not a mean bone in that woman's body. I love her to death. I just imagine that everyone in Brazil must be as kind and warmhearted as she is. I was really sad to see her leave but I know she's happy there finally working as a Doctor. The picture on the left was taken at my birthday party last yr.

8. What were you doing before this? I was watching LisaLisaD1 weekly haul vids. I love her accent!!! She’s so adorable. She does a haul video every friday.

9. Your favorite food? Beef Teriyaki bowl with Avocado from Mako Bowl = ♥

10. Do you have a middle name? no, but my whole first name is Evangelina. I guess my parents didn’t want to overwhelm me.

Thanks for reading,
♥ eva

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Looking for an apt & weightloss

    So, things have been pretty hectic :( We’ve been looking around for places to live. It’s so exhausting and expensive. Our apartment in Vegas was amazing 3bedroom 2bath for less than $1000 a month. Now here in Socal we’re lucky to get a studio at that price. We were looking at a property and the guy was like what high school did u go to?? and then he asked us where our parents were.. I totally didn’t even catch on I thought he was just making small talk then a little while after he’s like so are your parents planning on joining us??! Sadly, we get that all the time. I blame is on my husbands skinny little mustache he looks like he just hit puberty! We really just want to get the cheapest place possible because our main goal is to build credit & buy a house. So it’s down to about four and I have until Saturday to pick or else my husband is going to choose and he’s already expressed interest in this super ugly apartment with dark brown carpeting !! I actually really like the studio apartment it’s super cute & the space is bigger than the other apartments but everybody tells me i’m going to regret not getting a room. We don’t plan on having company and it’s about $150 cheaper I can buy more make up with that dough. What do you think??

    Also, My husband and I have this deal going on. After being in denial of my weight for months. It finally hit me that I need to do something. My little epiphany came when I slipped into my favorite pajamas and they felt really snug :( Pajamas are supposed to be comfy!! My new plan is to drop 25-35lbs and get back down to my prebaby weight. I will be rewarding myself with $20 for every 5lbs that I lose money that I can use for makeup :). If I lose the whole 35 my husband is going to buy me a new pair of Louboutins !!!! I am so anxious to start. Only problem right now is that I sprained both my feet about a week ago so they are a bit sore.. I’m not sure I can start my running right away but I have started a new low cal diet.

(that's us on our wedding day & i look like a the chubster)

(i'm on the left)

I wanna look like that again!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Japanese facial shaving

      Yes, you read that correctly. I’m talking about taking a razor to your face. I’ve been intrigued by this subject ever since I read “Geisha: A life” by Mineko Iwasaki. In her autobiography, she describes female facial shaving as a very common practice in Japan. She even describes that she had her face shaven for the first time by her father at age one & has been shaving it once a month ever since. Japanese women are known for their eccentric approach to beauty. In my opinion, they are some of the most beautiful women in the world. So I did my research online and contrary to popular belief your hair does not grow in thicker. Shaving your face is a great way of exfoliating and it provides a clean slate for your make up. I don’t have a lot of hair on my face but I do have some areas of dry flaky skin. I also ended up consulting a popular beauty site and caused a little bit of an uproar. There were a lot of shocked women on there that were completely against the idea. They deemed shaving as overly masculine. It’s just silly, as women we shave a much larger surface area than men. We shave our legs, underarms, sometimes bikini area. So it’s ridiculous to say that shaving is solely an activity for males.

      I ended picking up some Ardell brow razors and I applied baby oil to my face & went at it. Shaving in a downward motion. Instantly my skin did feel softer. In the shower, I ended up exfoliating with my previously mentioned organic honey sugar scrub. Then after my shower I applied the sugar scrub all over my face & let it set for 15mins. My skin feels phenomenal. I did my full face of make up and my foundation went on smoothly. My skin looks radiant :) I’m very happy with my results and will continue shaving my face once a month.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Rimmel Blushes + Swatches

Rimmel kills me with their cute packaging!!! I just can’t resist. I find that although they’re products are super cute the make up for the most part can be a hit or miss. I’m a big fan of their lippies :) both the moisture renew & the lasting finish. They’re eyeshadows on the other hand look better in the packaging than on my eyes :( So I spotted the blushes and after reading some good reviews I decided to take the plunge on these three...

(left to right Pink Sorbet, Santa Rose, Winter Glow)

Pink Sorbet
$4.99 @ Target
it’s a soft fuchsia w/ absolutely no shimmer it’s soft & blendable not chalky at all.

Santa Rose
$4.99 @ Target
is a rosy coral also soft & it looks really natural

Winter Glow
$4.99 @ Target
is a three in one color that comes off as pinky coral this is one is my favorite

The packaging feels rather flimsy but the cute crown imprint makes this blush so chic :)

(left to right Winter Glow, Santa Rose, Pink Sorbet)

Monday, May 10, 2010

DIY: HoneySugar scrub & birth control :)

So I just started new birth control and for one I’m super scared of my acne flaring up again!! I’m taking Ortho Tri-Cyclen and from the reviews i’ve read so far it can really go both ways as far as the acne. I’m also concerned with the weight gain as it is I’m already 25lbs over weight from my miscarriage :( blehh Have any of you used it and what were your symptoms?? After one day of using I can already tell i'm more emotional LOL

Also, usually during the summer months the skin around my nose begins to peel it doesn't matter how much spf or moisturizer I use. So this is the time when I really have to be vigilant about using a facial scrub, I can't be caught with flakies. I make my own using organic honey & regular sugar. I don't really measure it out I squeeze out enough organic honey to cover my face & a little extra for my body & I add a tablespoon of sugar. I use this once a week in the shower. It makes my face super soft :) you can also use it as a mask and leave it on for 15mins.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day shopping & my husband the enabler

     Today we ventured over to Sephora & MAC to pick my mum up some stuff for mother's day & I was doing so well! In sephora, I picked her up a Urban Decay Primer Potion and my husband was all like "that's it .. ur not going to pick something?'' he had a super confused look on his face. So then I spotted the MUFE concealer palettes & he says "wow $36 looks like a good deal for all of these colors" LOL so I had to get it... Then at the check out line he was fiddling over at where they have those miscellaneous goodies & he holds up the Rosebud Lipbalm and says "hey, get an extra one so ur not freaking out when u can't find yours" so i bought it !! Then at MAC I kinda bought shadows for my mum that I actually wanted. OOops. Now to decide what to actually give her :(

MUFE 5 Camouflage cream palette #1
Rosebud LipBalm
MAC 15 pro palette x2
MAC "Trax", "Vanilla", "Satin Taupe", "Rice Paper", "Pink Venus"

     I'm trying so hard to be on a low buy!! Ahhh and my husband is killing me. I only give myself a $200 monthly beauty allowance. I pretty much blew almost all of it today :( and it's only the 8th!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rimmel Lippies + Swatches

These are my top favorite Rimmel lippies !! They apply very smoothly especially the moisture renew. I find that they are pigmented and don’t stain your lips. For the most part they last about 4 hours but won’t survive on your lips if u grab a bite to eat :( but sadly most lippies don't for that matter.

(Left to Right Dreamy, Spotlight Beige, Summer Angel, Airy Fairy, Crush)

The purple & silver packaging are the moisture renew formula & run about $6.99 & the deep purple ones are the lasting finish at about $5.29. Walgreen is currently having a BOGO50% off on all Rimmel Products. Happy Shopping !!

Monday, May 3, 2010

FOTD: Day to night Club

my inspiration...

MAC Carbon in the outer corner

A wash of MAC Club over the lid

MAC Club

Face products
Moisturizer: Clinique “Dramatically different” moisturizing lotion
Foundation: Revlon “PhotoReady” 005 Natural Beige
Concealer: MAC “studio finish concealer” NW30
Powder: Prep+Prime “Transparent Finishing Powder”

Brow: MAC eyeshadow “Texture”
Brow Bone: MAC eyeshadow “Rice Paper”
Eye Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion
Outer Corner: Mac eyeshadow “Carbon”
Lid & lower lash line: Mac eyeshadow “Club”
Eyeliner: MAC technakohl line “graphblack”
Waterline: MAC technakohl line “graphblack”
Mascara: Rimmel sexy curves

Blush: Nars Sin & Nars Orgasm

Pencil: MAC “Stripdown”
Lipstick: Rimmel “Crush”

Saturday, May 1, 2010

NOTD: Runway Inspired Lace Nails

Inspiration last season Reem Acra show & recently spotted at the Tracy Reese fall 2010 collection.

used lace material, Seche vite as a base, & to finish it off I applied two coats of Seche Vite