Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Looking for an apt & weightloss

    So, things have been pretty hectic :( We’ve been looking around for places to live. It’s so exhausting and expensive. Our apartment in Vegas was amazing 3bedroom 2bath for less than $1000 a month. Now here in Socal we’re lucky to get a studio at that price. We were looking at a property and the guy was like what high school did u go to?? and then he asked us where our parents were.. I totally didn’t even catch on I thought he was just making small talk then a little while after he’s like so are your parents planning on joining us??! Sadly, we get that all the time. I blame is on my husbands skinny little mustache he looks like he just hit puberty! We really just want to get the cheapest place possible because our main goal is to build credit & buy a house. So it’s down to about four and I have until Saturday to pick or else my husband is going to choose and he’s already expressed interest in this super ugly apartment with dark brown carpeting !! I actually really like the studio apartment it’s super cute & the space is bigger than the other apartments but everybody tells me i’m going to regret not getting a room. We don’t plan on having company and it’s about $150 cheaper I can buy more make up with that dough. What do you think??

    Also, My husband and I have this deal going on. After being in denial of my weight for months. It finally hit me that I need to do something. My little epiphany came when I slipped into my favorite pajamas and they felt really snug :( Pajamas are supposed to be comfy!! My new plan is to drop 25-35lbs and get back down to my prebaby weight. I will be rewarding myself with $20 for every 5lbs that I lose money that I can use for makeup :). If I lose the whole 35 my husband is going to buy me a new pair of Louboutins !!!! I am so anxious to start. Only problem right now is that I sprained both my feet about a week ago so they are a bit sore.. I’m not sure I can start my running right away but I have started a new low cal diet.

(that's us on our wedding day & i look like a the chubster)

(i'm on the left)

I wanna look like that again!!!


  1. 3 bedrooms $1000 / month ?? This is Crazy I wanna move to Vegas now(lol),well I hope you are going to love your new place even if it's "a bit" smaller...=)
    ps: You are so pretty with your hubby on your wedding pic !

  2. @hollywood The cost of living there in Vegas is so cheap! aww & ty

  3. SoCal living is really not cheap!

    Good luck with the weightloss, have fun!:D

    Happy Wednesday!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  4. Poor girl, You must be tired and exhausting but everything will worth it when you finally get your fashion and trendy place :) I wish you luck in everything :) maybe in 1 year I´ll be in the same situation :p

  5. Im not kissing your ass or anything but in my honest opinion you look great! Seriously, youre beautiful :)

    Im trying to lose about 35 lbs too. Maybe we can be blogger weight loss buddies hehe

    Anyhoo, SoCal is sooooo expensive! Have you looked outside the city or do you want to live in the city. I live n Norcal and its just as expensive. Good luck o finding a place though! LA is a great place to live

  6. Your so pretty, love your posts !! O & Ive nominated you for an award :) Hope you have a good weekend.

  7. @marie OMG tell me about it we're looking at places in West Covina now & I have to decide tomorrow which one I want.

    @strawberry princes Yes, I know everything will be worth the effort. I can't wait to decorate the new place.

    @Leah aww ty & yes we can be blogger buddies!! I'm looking in the West Covina area because my husband works there & i'm planning to take some classes @ Cal Poly but yeah I know Norcal is expensive I went to St Mary's College in EastBay I love Norcal!!!

    @Renay Ty very much you are beautiful also!! & thank you for the nomination.