Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day shopping & my husband the enabler

     Today we ventured over to Sephora & MAC to pick my mum up some stuff for mother's day & I was doing so well! In sephora, I picked her up a Urban Decay Primer Potion and my husband was all like "that's it .. ur not going to pick something?'' he had a super confused look on his face. So then I spotted the MUFE concealer palettes & he says "wow $36 looks like a good deal for all of these colors" LOL so I had to get it... Then at the check out line he was fiddling over at where they have those miscellaneous goodies & he holds up the Rosebud Lipbalm and says "hey, get an extra one so ur not freaking out when u can't find yours" so i bought it !! Then at MAC I kinda bought shadows for my mum that I actually wanted. OOops. Now to decide what to actually give her :(

MUFE 5 Camouflage cream palette #1
Rosebud LipBalm
MAC 15 pro palette x2
MAC "Trax", "Vanilla", "Satin Taupe", "Rice Paper", "Pink Venus"

     I'm trying so hard to be on a low buy!! Ahhh and my husband is killing me. I only give myself a $200 monthly beauty allowance. I pretty much blew almost all of it today :( and it's only the 8th!!


  1. Your post made me smile :) My bf is the complete opposite when we go shopping...Your husband is one supportive man!

  2. Haha, my boyfriend is the same way. I'm like "Do you think I should get this?" and he's like "You're just asking me so you don't feel as bad once you buy it, so yes. Get it." Horrible influence lol. Anyway, I'm so jealous of your monthly beauty product allowance! Mine is $50 a month, if it's any consolation :)

  3. @willworkformakeup I knew my husband was a keeper because while we were dating he would let me swatch nail polishes on his nails in the store :)

    @chrissy Sometimes I wish my husband would but the brakes on my addiction! & omg $50 a month i'm so proud of you!

  4. haha, that's so funny he's an enabler, lol. I like your shadow picks! I still need to get satin taupe for myself. what did you end up giving your mom?

  5. @stephanie I gave my mom all of the shadows, one pro palette, & the UDPP. I also need to get satin Taupe for myself :)