Thursday, May 27, 2010

Update: weightloss, furniture, & recent blog sale score

         Today, I slipped on my favorite skinny jeans just to see if they would fit and to my surprise they did!! BTW, they are the GUESS Daredevil Skinny Jeans. They are still a bit snug and i’m getting a little bit of a muffin top thing but hey at least they closed. Who knew that simply changing your diet could yield such great results. I haven’t weighed myself... because I obsess about it, i’m waiting till Sunday for the weigh in.

         I finished the Carrie Diaries in two days!! It was such a great boook :) It gave a lot of insight into Carrie’s life and family. When I got down to the last 100 pages.. I didn’t wanna finish it. Now I can’t wait for my husband to get a day off so we can go see Sex in the City II. He promised to take me if we watched Iron Man II, LOL I secretly wanted to watch Iron man as well so it wasn’t that hard of a trade off ;) Wendy Williams went to the premiere of SATC2 and wore a $20 Little Black Dress from Walmart and paired it with some killer Giuseppe Zanotti booties.

She looks amazing and I bet nobody knew her dress was from walmart

         I’m thinking about what book to get next. I saw both the Oprah book by Kitty Kelley & the Laura Bush one... ahh and I also want a Kindle!!! My husband said that it’s either a dining room table or the Kindle.. and I said i’d be more than happy to eat on the floor. :) Sometimes I wish I still lived with my mom & dad .. if I asked my dad for a kindle he would have gotten it for me no questions asked since it’s educational... OMG I used to be terrible.. when they paid for my credit cards... I used to shop at this clothing store named “reference” it’s exactly like forever21 same clothes just different name for some reason. My dad would be like .. why did u spend $200 on reference... and I was like it’s a book store dad!! hahha and he would forget about it. Alas, we bought a dining room table. Here’s a stock photo...

It’s a bit gaudy, but I love the leather seats. what do u guys think??

          Also, few weeks back, I scored these awesome shadows from Kristina's Blog Sale over at Sasquatch Swatch

(From upper left to right Satellite Dreams, Satin Taupe, Sable, Fig 1.)

         They survived the journey except for Satin Taupe a little piece is broken off but that’s okay :) The sender packed them in an elf quad which I thought was genius. The silly post office delivered it to my neighbors house instead of mine :( I had a mild heart attack... but my neighbor brought it over !

Thanks for reading;
♥ eva


  1. congrats on the skinny jeans!

  2. @jbrobeck Thanks it's a small step:)

  3. I have the same table! I love it! =)

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