Tuesday, April 27, 2010

FOTD: Sultry Mermaid

Mermaid Eyes

Face products
Moisturizer: Clinique “Dramatically different” moisturizing lotoion
Foundation: Revlon “PhotoReady” 005 Natural Beige
Concealer: MAC “studio finish concealer” NW30
Powder: Prep+Prime “Transparent Finishing Powder”

Brow: MAC eyeshadow “Swiss Chocolate”
Brow Bone: MAC Eye Shadow Bisque
Eye Primer: Too Faced “Shadow Insurance” (TFSI)
Inner lid Corner : Kat Von D eyeshadow “Tequila”
Lid color: Kat Von D eyeshadow “speed blue”
Contour: Kat Von D eyeshadow “Razor Gray”
Highlight: MAC eyeshadow “Brule”
Inner lower lashline Kat Von D eyeshadow “Tequila”
Outer lower lashline Kat Von D eyeshadow “Speed Blue”
Eyeliner: MAC technakohl line “graphblack”
Waterline: MAC technakohl line “graphblack”
Mascara: Rimmel sexy curves
Fake lashes: Salon perfect #45

Blush: Nars Sin & Nars Orgasm
Contour: MAC MSF “Medium Deep” & “Medium Dark”

Pencil: MAC “Stripdown”
Lipstick: Rimmel “Crush”

NOTD: patent leather & studs

Sally Hansen "Black Patent"
Gray Studs

you can always make the pics bigger by clicking on them :)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

FOTD: Leopard Eyes

Leopard Eyes Tutorial

Before I try a look out on my face, I draw it out on a face chart.

"i googled"* & found blank face charts

Face products
Moisturizer: Clinique “moisture surge”
Foundation: Revlon “PhotoReady” 005 naural beige
Concealer: MAC “studio finish concealer” NW30
Powder: Prep+Prime “Transparent Finishing Powder”

Brow: Urban Decay “Brow Box” Honey Pot
Brow Bone: MAC Eye Shadow Rice Paper
Eye Primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion (UDPP)
Eye Base: MAC “Paint Pot” Rubanesque

Design: Revlon Colorstay liquid pen Blackest Black (outline), (filled spot) MAC texture & woodwinked
Eyeliner: MAC EyeShadow Charcoal
Waterline: MAC “Technakohl liner” Graphblack
Lashes: Revlon self adhesive lashes in Intensifying (cut in half)
Mascara: Maybelline “Lash Stiletto” (top) & Rimmel “Sexy Curves” (bottom”

Blush: Nars “orgasm”
Bronzer: Too Faced “Sun Bunny” (used the lighter side)
Contour: MAC MSF “Medium Deep” & “Medium Dark”

Pencil: MAC “Stripdown”
Lipstick: MAC “Shy Girl”
Gloss: Lancome “Juice Tube” in clear

it does exist!!: The hello kitty faux-nad.

OMFG it exists!!! I have been searching for the famed Hello Kitty faux-nad* A02 plate by GCOCL for literally months. I pretty much gave up because I couldn’t find it on evilbay or any other website. I had given up and disregarded it as an urban urban myth. Then one day while I was searching for cheap 3D acrylic nail molds I found my lonely hello kitty plate!!! The website looked rather plain with no reviews so I was scared to order. I only ordered the plate which came in a set of 6 for $6.60. The shipping w/ tracking was $3.50 and no sales tax was added to the order bringing the grand total to $10.10. I checked out with paypal to be safer. I ordered the plate originally 4/14 received a confirmation email same day & tracking code the next day & I received the item today 4/24. YAY!!! The website it totally legit && has super fast shipping from Hong Kong !!


sorry about the fuzzy pics I didn't remove the protective film.

Faux-nad: Mua speak for fake konad usually produced in China

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ladybugs & Corsets :)

After being asked like a thousand times by my husband if I was feeling okay since I hadn’t painted my nails. I finally played with my stash & created two fun looks...

China Glaze "Vertical Rush"
Sally Hansen "Black Patent"

OPI "Malaga Wine"
Sally Hansen "Black Patent"

oh & I shortened my nails :)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

a SINFUL story ..

     Once upon a time, in a far away land a super snobby girl looked down upon drugstore polishes & opted for higher end brands. She found it a sin to betray her much loved OPI & China Glaze. Well, the times got tough & she realized that these cheap thrills might just be worth a shot. So here is a walk through of my Sinful Collection ...

Sinful Colors “Let’s Talk”

Purples are notoriously hard to photograph & this one was one of them :( In person the purple is more vibrant & less blue reminiscent of a royal purple. The first coat was very sheer & the second coat covered all the bald spots perfectly.

Sinful Colors “Vacation Time”

Rarely am I drawn to pinks but this dusty pink is lovely :) I only applied one coat of this beauty.

Sinful Colors “This is It”

it’s a shimmery gold & it’s a total FAIL in my opinion. I don’t like when colors are sheer enough to expose my nail beds ::cringe:: my nail beds are not perfect and are different lengths :(

Sinful Colors “Snow Me White”

This color was such a pain to apply the formula is very thick it could use some thinner TLC ! I used this color for my french mani a few days ago & it looked fab :)

Sinful Colors “Sugar Sugar”

You know it’s gunna be a winner when you apply the 1st coat & it’s perfect not streaky at all. It’s a deep red w/ shimmer it’s soo pretty i didn’t want to take it off !! It kinda glows from within :)

Sinful Colors “Ruby Ruby”

It’s a lovely blood red. I used this in my serial killer NOTD. Great formula super glossy :)

Sinful Colors “Midnight Blue”

wasn’t as dark as a thought it was going to be it’s a shimmery dark blue. Formula on this one was way tooo watery.

Sinful Colors “Mercury Rising”

Shimmery rusty dark burgundy color. It applies smoothly & beautifully. It looks really deceiving in the bottle. It remind me of the MAC shadow in Cranberry

Sinful Colors “Rich in heart”

The bottle looks slightly darker than Mercury Rising. It’s a dark purple color with red shimmers inside. It looks really bleh from far away but upon further inspection it’s much more complex of a color. Complexity n’ all i’m not sure I like it.. maybe on shorter nails ?? speaking of shorter nails, I can’t wait to cut mine !! i’m just waiting for a little more grow out so I can do a special mani thennn they’re going to be trimmed I promish they’re starting to look a little catladyish.

Friday, April 16, 2010

NOTD: Breakfast @ Tiffany’s !!

Hands down my favorite movie of all time !! It lives in my dvd player I watch it almost everyday while i’m doing my make up ((i’m such a nerd)) If if I get bored I watch it in spanish “Desayuno con diamantes”

French Mani w/ ONE China Glaze “For Audrey” accent nail (and I emphasize one because I goofed & didn’t to it on my right hand) && a rhinestone for glam. ohh & a little konad mini bow ;)

For the white I used Sinful Colors “Snow me White”
Top Coat Seche Vite

OK super embarrassing story : Today I had to go to the gyno & my daddy took me!!! Yes, my father.. i’m a 22yr old married woman who’s father decided to go with her to the gyno. But that’s not the most embarrassing part... I got new birth control & my father took the script to the pharmacy... he came home with a rather large package. Guess what they also prescribed... CONDOMS!!!! I didn’t know you could get an rx for them LOL next time i’m gunna read what they prescribe ;)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beauty Supply Run

I scoured my local beauty supply store in the off chance that they might have OPI “Samoan Sand” I was hoping that it just might be my “mannequin” hands color. ((oh Btw, I’m an NC30-35 if you have any recs I would totally appreciate it)) Alas, the store didn’t have it but as consolation I did find..

China Glaze “For Audrey” (!!!) it was just $2.00. It’s a beautiful tiffany blue. I was actually planning to paint the walls of my old bedroom this color but we moved :( ooOh && I found some rhinestones for a Tiffany & Co. inspired mani.

I also picked up a Sation polish in “24k Gold” for a Ruffian inspired mani. I’ve never tried the Sation colors but at 80cents a pop it’s worth a shot.

Lastly, I picked up some nail color wheels so that I can keep on swatching my ever growing collection. I’m buying like 5-10 polishes a week !! My little sinful pleasures are those Sinful Colors they’re only $1.99 but the colors are amazing and great quality (((I can’t help myself))) oooh I almost forgot I found 5 dotting tools for $5.00. I feel like such a “Recessionista.” You know that euphoric feeling when ya saved some money!!!

NOTD: Serial Killer !!

base OPI natural nail
nail Essie “Sold out show”
red Sinful color “ruby ruby”
top Seche Vite

kudos to my cousin Michelle for the inspiration :)

acronym ♥: ELF meets NYX !!

I am such a PROCRASTINATOR ! I bought these NYX shadow testers in May of last yr from evilbay (as it’s commonly referred to on MUA). I honestly don’t remember what I paid for the lot err it being almost a yr n’ all. They’ve sat unused on my vanity just gathering dust :( I finally gave them a new home today !!! I used the elf palettes i’ve been stock piling for my mum. I was planning on depotting all of her MAC shadows & placing them in the elf palettes. She won’t mind :)

so here it goes..

I popped out the insert & glued the metal sheet to the bottom of the palette using a glue gun. Then I added magnets which I stole from my mum’s fridge :) I adhered them to the bottom of the pans w/ a glue gun as well. It took me foreverrr!!

Tada 7 new color coordinated palettes. I didn’t use all the shadows from the testers cuz really when am I ever gunna use Lime Green. I contemplated using a MAC pro palette but they’re $14 & the elf are $1 !! plus I think the end product is cute.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

NOTD: Rimmel "Steel Grey"

I am completely out of my comfort zone with this color. I’m usually drawn to vampy reds or dark purples.

I would describe it as a pale mauve-taupe-grey

base coat : OPI natural Nail
top coat: Seche Vite

Love the formula of this polish as the name states “lasting pro finish” I would equate this formula to those of Higher End brands i.e OPI oOoh & the brush is wide and fantastic.

The polish goes on very sheer but quickly looks more opaque w/ a second coat NO third coat required :) Just a nice glossy coat of seche vite

I love the finished look this product is most def in my TOP 20!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Contain Yourself.

I’m obsessed with organization. My favorite places to shop are the container store & ikea :P I went to the Container store last week it’s HEAVEN just so wonderfully organized.

These are the items I “hauled” lol ...(that term makes me laugh cuz it reminds me of the goodmorning america segment on youtubers where they feature Allthatglitters21 & Juicystar07 they literally make fun of them you must youtube it!)

24-Lipstick Acrylic Organizer $6.99

I have the smaller one the 7-DVD Acrylic Rack $6.99 it fits 7 MAC palettes perfectly!!

Desktop swivel storage @ 14.99 I put my mineral eyeshadows in it.

Shoe Box $1.49 to store eyelashes & nail polish it fits about 40 polishes

these are just two of them :) i love that the polishes fit standing upright & that the boxes are clear.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Primer: Smashbox Photo Finish oil free
Foundation: Revlon Photo Ready 005 natural beige
Concealer: Mac NW30
Contour: mineral skin finish natural medium deep & medium dark
Highlight: the balm Mary-lou manizer
Bronzer: Rimmel 021 sun light
Cheeks: Nars Orgasm
Eye Primer: UDPP
Eyeshadow: Hip duos (see picture below)
Brow Highlight: MAC Rice paper
Mascara: Maybelline Lash Stiletto
Lipliner: MAC stripdown
Lips: Revlon soft nude
Powder MAC prep + prime transperent finishing powder.

KOTD: Leopard “mind the gap”

      My Dh invited me to the Zoo today ((random HUH!)) I can’t even remember the last time I went. Well, to get myself in touch with my animal side I decided to do a leopard print... but I didn’t wanna go all wild with it .. So I did an “accent nail” on my ring finger. Check it out ....

Rimmel “Purple Rain”
Sinful Colors “This is It” (ring finger)
m57 plate

     ohh check out my GAP :) between my polish & my cuticle doesn’t it loook FAB. I’ve been checking out a lot of other bloggers nails and they have such beautiful gaps .. i thought i’d try it && it wasn’t as hard as i thought it would be it actually forced me to be neater.

     on my toes I did Wet n Wild “disturbia” I won’t show u pics cuz i know a lot of ppl get weirded out by toes... (( mine are cute I promise )) i’m not gunna lie, I get weirded out by toes too!! omg thats the reason i can’t watch the Lord of the Rings :( anywho...the polish looks amazing for $1.99 its Plum colored && it looks really glossy w/ a coat of seche vite (sesh-veet)

Naked post !

I never ever ever walk around with my nails NAKED. There's your peek ;) I'm also holding a bottle of Solar oil by Creative Nail Design IMO the best stuff for your cuticles.

Skin Regimen

      I just changed up my skin care routine as of January &&& i’m loving the results :) My skin is now deliciously supple. I have combination skin oily & dry. I find that i’m most oily in my Tzone which is the area on my forehead, nose, & chiny chin chin. I have some dry spots and flaky skin around my face :( plus freckles (that stopped being cute at around age 12). MY skin is not perfect so I always try to hide it with foundation. I’m such a slave to foundation .. I will not be caught dead without my Face on !! I have a love hate relationship with foundation. I know it’s ruining my face contributing to clogged pores & uneven skin tone but I just can’t go on with out it. I try to always clean my face & keep my make up brushes clean. I clean the brushes once a week (every Sunday is Brushloveday). Check out my tutorial on Brush Maintenance

So my routine for “deliciously supple” skin starts the night b4 by cleaning off my make up.

To remove my eye make up I use MAC “ Gently off eye & lip make up remover”

For my face I use the Pond’s “micro dermabrasion gently exfoliation cloths”

Then I wash my face with Biore “Revitalize: 4-in-1 self-foaming cleanser”

Twice a week I will use Queen Helene’s “Mint Julep Masque” or any time I do extractions ( I love love love this mask partly because it’s GREEN !!)

if I notice any breakouts i’ll swipe a Stridex pad over them I use the alcohol free formula with 2% salicylic acid.

Then I will massage Bio-Oil into my face for 5mins

Then I will apply a generous amount of Cetaphil’s “moisturizing lotion”

and i’ll wear my greasy face to bed :)

In the morning my skin feels sooo plump & soft.

I will wash my face again with the Biore “Revitalize: 4-in-1 self-foaming cleanser”

then I will a apply a small amount of Ambi Fade cream for Normal skin

      I'm not a Derm but these are the products that have been working for me. Although, while I was seeing a derm she prescribed Retin A && at first my face freaked out and i broke out a lot for like 2 weeks then it was excessively dry that's when the Derm recommended cetaphil because the formula does not clog pores. Furthermore, Retin A did not work for me my skin was really dry all the time and I started breaking out again after a year of using it. Around that time I started getting facials. The tech turned me on to Dermalogica & I credit that product conjoined with having facials every 6 weeks with helping me control my break outs. I went from my face being crazy to just having probably one to two zits a month. Another thing that she recommended was tossing my Apricot Scrub it's really too abrasive for the skin on your face.. I use it for my feet now it makes them super soft:)