Saturday, April 17, 2010

a SINFUL story ..

     Once upon a time, in a far away land a super snobby girl looked down upon drugstore polishes & opted for higher end brands. She found it a sin to betray her much loved OPI & China Glaze. Well, the times got tough & she realized that these cheap thrills might just be worth a shot. So here is a walk through of my Sinful Collection ...

Sinful Colors “Let’s Talk”

Purples are notoriously hard to photograph & this one was one of them :( In person the purple is more vibrant & less blue reminiscent of a royal purple. The first coat was very sheer & the second coat covered all the bald spots perfectly.

Sinful Colors “Vacation Time”

Rarely am I drawn to pinks but this dusty pink is lovely :) I only applied one coat of this beauty.

Sinful Colors “This is It”

it’s a shimmery gold & it’s a total FAIL in my opinion. I don’t like when colors are sheer enough to expose my nail beds ::cringe:: my nail beds are not perfect and are different lengths :(

Sinful Colors “Snow Me White”

This color was such a pain to apply the formula is very thick it could use some thinner TLC ! I used this color for my french mani a few days ago & it looked fab :)

Sinful Colors “Sugar Sugar”

You know it’s gunna be a winner when you apply the 1st coat & it’s perfect not streaky at all. It’s a deep red w/ shimmer it’s soo pretty i didn’t want to take it off !! It kinda glows from within :)

Sinful Colors “Ruby Ruby”

It’s a lovely blood red. I used this in my serial killer NOTD. Great formula super glossy :)

Sinful Colors “Midnight Blue”

wasn’t as dark as a thought it was going to be it’s a shimmery dark blue. Formula on this one was way tooo watery.

Sinful Colors “Mercury Rising”

Shimmery rusty dark burgundy color. It applies smoothly & beautifully. It looks really deceiving in the bottle. It remind me of the MAC shadow in Cranberry

Sinful Colors “Rich in heart”

The bottle looks slightly darker than Mercury Rising. It’s a dark purple color with red shimmers inside. It looks really bleh from far away but upon further inspection it’s much more complex of a color. Complexity n’ all i’m not sure I like it.. maybe on shorter nails ?? speaking of shorter nails, I can’t wait to cut mine !! i’m just waiting for a little more grow out so I can do a special mani thennn they’re going to be trimmed I promish they’re starting to look a little catladyish.


  1. I'm the same way with super dark nail colors - I always trim my nails down when I want to go dark. For some reason, I just think they look better :) I love your polish choices!

  2. nice colors !!
    i need one sinfull :)
    i have a giveaway on my blog come on see if you want !!!

  3. I was just like you I always turned my nose up at drugstore polishes, but through blogs I discovered that there are some great polishes out there. I love Let's Talk, Vacation Time, and Mercury Rising. I'll have to go to Walgreens and find them soon!

  4. the “Let’s Talk” colour is so gorgeous!

  5. Sinful Colors “Vacation Time” pretty color!