Wednesday, April 14, 2010

acronym ♥: ELF meets NYX !!

I am such a PROCRASTINATOR ! I bought these NYX shadow testers in May of last yr from evilbay (as it’s commonly referred to on MUA). I honestly don’t remember what I paid for the lot err it being almost a yr n’ all. They’ve sat unused on my vanity just gathering dust :( I finally gave them a new home today !!! I used the elf palettes i’ve been stock piling for my mum. I was planning on depotting all of her MAC shadows & placing them in the elf palettes. She won’t mind :)

so here it goes..

I popped out the insert & glued the metal sheet to the bottom of the palette using a glue gun. Then I added magnets which I stole from my mum’s fridge :) I adhered them to the bottom of the pans w/ a glue gun as well. It took me foreverrr!!

Tada 7 new color coordinated palettes. I didn’t use all the shadows from the testers cuz really when am I ever gunna use Lime Green. I contemplated using a MAC pro palette but they’re $14 & the elf are $1 !! plus I think the end product is cute.


  1. How'd you get all those NYX testers?!

  2. @justine I found them on ebay. Search under NYX tester or NYX samples.