Saturday, April 24, 2010

it does exist!!: The hello kitty faux-nad.

OMFG it exists!!! I have been searching for the famed Hello Kitty faux-nad* A02 plate by GCOCL for literally months. I pretty much gave up because I couldn’t find it on evilbay or any other website. I had given up and disregarded it as an urban urban myth. Then one day while I was searching for cheap 3D acrylic nail molds I found my lonely hello kitty plate!!! The website looked rather plain with no reviews so I was scared to order. I only ordered the plate which came in a set of 6 for $6.60. The shipping w/ tracking was $3.50 and no sales tax was added to the order bringing the grand total to $10.10. I checked out with paypal to be safer. I ordered the plate originally 4/14 received a confirmation email same day & tracking code the next day & I received the item today 4/24. YAY!!! The website it totally legit && has super fast shipping from Hong Kong !!

sorry about the fuzzy pics I didn't remove the protective film.

Faux-nad: Mua speak for fake konad usually produced in China

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  1. ooh, cool site! the prices are SO low there! thanks! :)