Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beauty Supply Run

I scoured my local beauty supply store in the off chance that they might have OPI “Samoan Sand” I was hoping that it just might be my “mannequin” hands color. ((oh Btw, I’m an NC30-35 if you have any recs I would totally appreciate it)) Alas, the store didn’t have it but as consolation I did find..

China Glaze “For Audrey” (!!!) it was just $2.00. It’s a beautiful tiffany blue. I was actually planning to paint the walls of my old bedroom this color but we moved :( ooOh && I found some rhinestones for a Tiffany & Co. inspired mani.

I also picked up a Sation polish in “24k Gold” for a Ruffian inspired mani. I’ve never tried the Sation colors but at 80cents a pop it’s worth a shot.

Lastly, I picked up some nail color wheels so that I can keep on swatching my ever growing collection. I’m buying like 5-10 polishes a week !! My little sinful pleasures are those Sinful Colors they’re only $1.99 but the colors are amazing and great quality (((I can’t help myself))) oooh I almost forgot I found 5 dotting tools for $5.00. I feel like such a “Recessionista.” You know that euphoric feeling when ya saved some money!!!


  1. 5 dotting tools for $5? what a deal! -great buy!

  2. I know I know that place is super cheap!! $2 China Glaze, $3.75 OPI, $2.50 essie :)