Friday, May 21, 2010

8th pic in 8th folder + 10 Q's

          The uber cute Georgie from everythinggeorgie tagged her followers to show the 8th picture in their 8th folder.

so here's mine ..

My 8th folder is where I keep my nail looks :)

Sally Hansen "Patent Black"
OPI "Koala Beary"
Top Coat Sech Vite
M57 konad plate "leopard print"
A02 GCOCL plate "hello kitty"

now onto the 10 Q's

1. What shoe size are you? 8.5 to 9 i have finger toes.

2. Where do you work? I'm a stay at home wife :)

3. Favorite piece of clothing you own? Well, my most prized possession is a grey Chanel cashmere sweater but it doesn’t get much love right now. My favorite thing right now are my studded Chinese Laundry sandals I scored them on my first ever trip to Ross in Las Vegas.

4. Your favorite blog? Lady Art Looks it’s a blog that's run by my hairstylist Azelle Santa Ana & make up artist Alana Dawn. They're both amazing they do work with Melody Esahni & dimepiece designs :) I learned the heat ur eyelash curler trick from them. I'm also featured on the Blog here when I dyed my hair brown & here when I dyed my hair red. Check them out!!

5. Do you have any pets? nope.

6. How many siblings do you have? I have one older brother Martin :)

See we look a lot alike !!
We are two years apart but while we were growing up we always got mistaken for twins. Our birthdays are in the same month so we celebrate them together. In the last pic he's wearing a wig and it's scary how much he looks like me LOL.

7. If you could live anywhere were would it be? BRAZIL! My good friend Mari just moved back there. She is one of the most beautiful ppl I have ever met seriously there is not a mean bone in that woman's body. I love her to death. I just imagine that everyone in Brazil must be as kind and warmhearted as she is. I was really sad to see her leave but I know she's happy there finally working as a Doctor. The picture on the left was taken at my birthday party last yr.

8. What were you doing before this? I was watching LisaLisaD1 weekly haul vids. I love her accent!!! She’s so adorable. She does a haul video every friday.

9. Your favorite food? Beef Teriyaki bowl with Avocado from Mako Bowl = ♥

10. Do you have a middle name? no, but my whole first name is Evangelina. I guess my parents didn’t want to overwhelm me.

Thanks for reading,
♥ eva


  1. I love the leopard print and hello kitty nails! Very cute!

  2. Cute red nails!:D Good read, Eva!:D Glad to know more about you.:D

    Enjoy the weekend!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. Love the nails picture and lovely tag!!It was fun reading it!

  4. Wow, leopard Hello kitty nails. Soo cute!

  5. hey i'm a new follower. LOVE the nails!