Saturday, May 22, 2010

UK Wishlist & Possible Swap

         I am so jealous of UK girls!! I wish we had BarryM, Gosh, and Sleek here. I was wondering if anyone was interested in doing an international swap. I’m in Los Angeles and we pretty much have everything here :) I would be more than happy to pick stuff up for you and ship it or I can just pay you for the stuff via Paypal. You can email me here:

here’s my UK wishlist

Gosh: Darling
Gosh: Nougat
BarryM: 101 Marshmellow
BarryM: 136 Golden Bronze
BarryM: 132 Pinkie Gold Sparkle
BarryM: 53 Coral
Sleek: Face Countour Kit both Light & Medium
Sleek: Kajal Eyeliner Nocturnal
Sleek: Kajal Eyeline Odyssey

I will be very generous and you can ask for anything not just make up ;)

Downtown L.A

thanks for reading,
♥ eva


  1. I know, I agree it bums we don't have Barry M. :(


  2. i'd be happy to pick up all these things for you, i live in London! give me a buzz if you're interested


  3. @laura beth i knowww but my husband brought up a good point ... they don't have inn & out!!

    @daily polish YAYyYYyyy!!! i'm emailing you now:)