Saturday, March 27, 2010

family shots !

I have cabin fever!!! I’m been quarantined @ my parents house for exactly 8 days & i’m going bananas :(|) !!! Luckily I stumbled upon my old stash of nail polishes that i haven’t played with in months... pshh my momma was keeping them from me.

so here’s a group pic of my essie’s

St Barth’s Blue
Buy Me A Cameo
Sold Out Show
Wicked x5

I have no idea why i have bottles of wicked in various stages of demise. The sad part is that I have like 5 more at my apartment ;(

I don’t love the 1st four... I bought them because they were soft colors for work. I use Waltz for my french manis sometimes.

now a family photo of my OPI

(you can click on the pic to make bigger)

You Rock-Apulco Red!
Atomic Orange
It’s Now Or Never
All Lacquered Up
The Thrill of Brazil
Pistol Packin’ Pink
Fit for a Queensland x3
Quarter of a Cent-Cherry
Route Beer Float
Lincoln Park After Dark
Bastille My Heart
Strawberry Margarita

love these!! i’m really into burgundy colors & fun stuff. My Dh is gunna die when he sees this stash he’s currently packing all of our stuff from our apt in LV. He called me this morning all proud of himself saying that he had individually wrapped all of my polishes & eyeshadows to prevent breakage. (LOL) He’s such a cutie. When we settle into our new apt I really wanna get a nail polish rack or a spice rack to display my babies.

I totally recommend not paying full retail for nail polishes they can run like $8- $12. It’s not even worth it & sometimes shady places mix their own polish and re sell it in OPI bottles. So don’t risk it here’s are some sites that sell the real thing them for super cheap.

8ty8 beauty
head to toe

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