Saturday, March 27, 2010

DIY: French mani !!

i’m convinced i have nail polish ADD. i get bored of my nail polish fairly quickly & popping into the nail salon gets way pricy. (((plus it weirds me out when they start recognizing me-.- ))) So recently i started doing my own french manis. It’s super easy !!!

So what you need is... a white nail polish, a clear coat, 100% acetone, an eyeshadow brush, and if u like pinkish polish

for my white coat i use fit for a queensland by OPI, it’s from the Australia collection. I use this instead of a matte white because it looks iridescent
my top coat is seche vite ( the BEST top coat everrrrr )
the acetone is from target
the eyeshadow brush i’m using is from an old estee lauder brush set (but any small brush will do as long as it it doesn’t shed)
you can use a pinky color if u like.. i sometimes use Sold out show by Essie

so first apply about 2-3 coats of the white polish at the top edge of ur nails let dry for a minute or two

then you dip ur brush in your acetone and lay it flat on ur nail & rub against the polish in a fan motion
do this until u create the edge u desire.

then apply a coat of seche vite & let dry for 3mins

you may apply a pinky color b4 the seche vite if you like.

(((i’m in my brother’s room so ignore the samurai swords in the background)))

Fit for a queensland By OPI $4.48 @ 8ty8 Beauty
Seche Vite top coat, 0.5 oz. $4.25 @ 8ty8 Beauty
Sold out show BY Essie $8.00 @ Amadeus Spa

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