Sunday, September 26, 2010

channeling fall fashion

Fall has officially begun but the weather hasn't figured it out yet. Today the temperature hit a blazing 110!! I refused to be a prisoner of the heat and bravely headed out to do some retail therapy.

teal cardigan $9.99 @ fashion gal
lace trim cami $7.00 @ old navy

greyige cardigan $11.99 @fashion gal
multi tank $11.99 @fashion gal

         HI MY NAME IS EVA and i'm a bargain shopper!! I believe that there are certain items u should splurge on like jeans, shoes, & handbags but for the rest it's all about finding good bargains. Fashion changes so quickly so it's good to shop at what i like to call "disposable clothing stores," i.e H&M, forever 21, charlotte russe, and old navy. The quality might not be long lasting but the price allows you to stay current with today's trends without breaking the bank. A really big neutral color this season is greyige, it's a mix of beige & grey. Cardigans are in! Place a tunic or tank under a cardigan and finish it off with a belt for that layered look. I must confess i love cinching my waist with a belt it automatically looks like i lost 10lbs!! I plan to wear these looks with leggings & boots. Now if only the weather would cooperate :(



  1. Ooooh great bargains! Im a bargain shopper too! I love the outfit you came up with, definitely something I wear too! Let's see some more outfit for fall..i need fashion ideas. :D

  2. @Miss NIkka where do u find your bargains?? I'm always open to finding new places. Oh i will def share more ;)

  3. Loving the teal cardigan and tank top! ohh I love getting things at bargain price too! lol

  4. @the beautifier Yeah i feel like such a smart shopper when i walk out of the store with a bargain!

  5. Oh I should really get some cardigans for fall.
    Love the colors in that tank too! Do some outfit posts =)

  6. @miss*kimmy yess cardigans are def a must! I love the whole belted cardigan trend :) I will def post some outfit shots.

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