Monday, July 19, 2010

not liking my MU set up :( HELP!

          I'm really frustrated with my vanity set up. It's gotten to the point where it's causing anxiety. I just don't have that much space to work with and these storage containers aren't cutting it. They make the space look much more cluttered.

          Under the desk I have one of those 3 pull out drawer rubbermaid things full of back ups, lashes, extra brushes, brush cleaner, brush roll, and make up bags. Then right beside it I have a bedside drawer full of hair styling tools and hair bobbles. I want to just get right of everything :( HELP ME!!


  1. first, clean out.
    -throw away the expired stuff or old dingy stuff.
    -swap or sale the decent stuff that you just don't use.

    do you have any random place for storage for the items you don't really use everyday? (For me, I store my backups and extras in a cute collapsible box on my book shelf and a Rubbermaid tub under my bed.)

    On your vanity, try just to keep the stuff you use often, or you need to finish up.

  2. and where did you the cubes with the X divider?
    officedepot online?

  3. for Kaitlyn...

    you can get it at office depot.

    anyways. I actually love your setup! its pretty well organized! if youre going to buy those sterlite drawers, make sure to get ones that arent clear so you wouldnt be able to see whats in it. this way it wouldnt look cluttered.

  4. @kaitlyn good idea, I have a bookshelf with one shelf available and i have a lot of space under my bed where i can store the rest.

    @almat101 ty for sharing the link & I was thinking of getting the storage unit that the kardashians use from or something similar to it

  5. Just found your blog today hun. I cant give any advice on storage, my drawers are full of makeup i have extra storage drawers in the bathroom, under the bed etc. I just keep clearing out and am on a no buy. Thanks for the tips about the low spend. x

  6. WOW....anxiety....see your point :) But it still looks so organized. "lol"


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