Wednesday, July 14, 2010

goodies the mail man delivered

          I am obsessed with organizing my make up. I do my research by looking at collection/organization vids on youtube. I noticed that one youtuber has this neat way of organizing her eye & lip pencils in a plastic box. She mentioned in the vid that she had found them at an office supplies store. So, I scoured the internet to find something like it and VOILA!

Deflect-O® Stackable Cube With X Divider

here's a direct link @ Office Depot website for the Stackable Cube. It comes in Black or Clear plastic and it retails for $13.99

         I purchased two and used it to organize mascaras, lipgloss, eye&lip pencils, and eyebrow razors.

          My awesome friend Audrey sent me the Mary Kay Satin Lips kit. It's most def one of my holy grail products. My lips just get really dry and I have to exfoliate on a daily basis. The product includes the lip mask which is a scrub and a soothing lip balm. It's amazing stuff. THANKS AUDREY!!

Satin Lips Set

          Now last but not least, I finally have gotten all the elf products on my wish list. Audrey actually tipped me off she told me that the elf site was having a 60% off sale.

elf order

2x Powder Blush
High Definition Powder
Natural Nymph lippie
Nicely Nude lippe
Gotta Glow Blush
Peachy Keen blush

(swatches left to right Gotta Glow, Peachy Keen, Nicely Nude, Natural Nymph)

♥ ♥ ♥


  1. you're welcome! I'm following you on twitter now :)

  2. Lovely little haul :) I purchased the ELF powder brush recently and its amazing :)

  3. @ audrey yayyy i heart you!!

    @ ByJody u haven't used it yet I just washed it it's been too HOTT to wear foundation :(