Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What's in my DVR

Not gunna lie, I shamelessly stole this idea from fellow beauty blogger
Miss Kimmy over at Kimber Doll check her out! :)


          If you are not familiar with this show.. i’m sorry we can’t be friends! j/k. this show is AMAZEBALLS. It’s been on since 2005, it follows the life of a suburban mother who becomes a widow and has to find a way to support her family. So, she opts to do the most practical thing and decides to deal weed. She starts growing marijuana and accidentally burns her town down, then starts a new life in san diego, gets romantically involved with the mayor of Tijuana who is also the head of a drug cartel, gets married and has his child, then goes on the run after her son kills his campaign manager. That should bring you up to speed to the current season. The show airs on Showtime & I highly recommend this show!!

Rosario Tijeras

          It’s a Colombian novela, mini series, based on a Book written by Jorge Franco. The story chronicles the life of a girl who was raped at an early age then raped again several years later. She goes after the guy that raped her and chops off his balls, thus acquiring the nickname “Tijeras,” which translates to scissors. She gets involved with a Colombian drug cartel and becomes a hitman. She also has an interesting love triangle with two upperclass bachelors. The novela is in spanish but there is also a movie with the same name directed by Emilio Maille’that has english subtitles & the book is also available in english :) It airs on Telefutura :)

Keeping up with the Kardashians

          I mainly watch this show because I’m in love with what Khloe, Kourtney, & Kim wear. Even Kris Jenner rocks Louboutins & Chanel. OOoh and i love when the Camera pans out to show their bathroom and reveals their make up stash! They all have the “clear cube storage” thing that I’m in love with but is wayyy too expensive for me to buy.

Teen Mom

          This a reality tv show that follows the lives of four pregnant teenagers, who were previously on 16 and pregnant. It follows all of their struggles from trying to make ends meet to keeping relationships with their friends, family, and significant others. My favorite teen mom is Farrah :) The show airs on MTV

Jersey Shore

          I love how this show is all kinds of CRAZY. I’m addicted && I’ve gotten my husband into it. I’m not sure if you all know this or not but my husband grew up in Mexico. He came to the US in the middle of his high school years so American culture is still pretty new to him. At first, he was like “where are they from how come they don’t speak english?!” LOL i didn’t even know where to start! He loves the show now :) The show airs on MTV

So, what shows are you loving???



  1. YAYY for tv posts!
    Thanks for the link.
    I LOVE Jersey Shore so much. hehe.

  2. this is such a great post good idea !!!! love all them except the rose one jajajj

  3. @miss kimmy oh no worries, I love ur blog :)

    @curves ahead make up LOL feel free to steal the idea :)

  4. HAHAHHA JERSEY SHORE!! its my fav!!! it cracks me up so much!!

  5. @eugenia LOL i know.. i was at a club on sunday & they played techno music for like 45mins!! I swear everybody was fist pumping like guidos!

  6. i love jersey shore!! im sad it is ending :( but great blog!! :) check and follow mine.


  7. Hey Ladies!



  8. <3!
    Im a big fan of a UK show called The Inbetweeners.
    Also love the Kardashina. x

  9. Hey Eva...I tagged you on my blog for 'Lovely Blog award'

    check it out: http://thejazzyspot.blogspot.com

  10. @C-Fabulous make up OMG i know :( i'm sad too I will def check out ur blog!

    @natalie WEEDS is soo good i'm sad it only comes on once a week && thank you for the blog award.

    @shopping addict must check out the inbetweeners