Friday, October 15, 2010

UK Love : The Original i-Divine Palette

         It is no secret that the UK is home to some of the most outstanding make up brands like Illamasqua & Make up Forever. Thankfully for us Americans, these brands have made it across the pond and into our local Sephoras. I recently, did a swapsies (click for blog post) with a UK based beauty blogger. Now, it has come to my attention that the UK is keeping some amazing make up all to themselves!! Luckily for me, Kelly from the Perfect Pout was gracious enough to share with me some of the UK’s best kept secrets. She sent some Sleek palettes. First off, the colors are beautiful & the color pay off is BA-NA-NAS (a la’ rachel zoe)!!

Behold the Original i-Divine Palette
by Sleek MakeUP

         The packaging is a study hard plastic & it houses twelve individual eyeshadow shades for the retail price of $10.00. The shadows are mineral-based and are described on the website as having a “velvet touch” consistency. The colors are vibrant and have great staying power. The palette also has a mirror & a double ended sponge applicator.

(swatches top left to bottom right)

         If you would like to purchase the palette u can find it at the sleek make UP website. Only bummer is that US shipping is $13.50 :(


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  1. I have this pallet and love it enjoy !!!

  2. @saimese yes & super blendable :)

    @ yay:) it's a must have.

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  4. thank you for the reviews!
    I love it.
    nice blog you got here.

    try to visit my blog too.thank you:0

  5. the colors are amazing! it's so nice of your blogger friend to send you one. :D

    <3, Mimi

  6. @halle thanks && i def will :)

    @karla thanks a bunch that really means a lot to me :)

    @mimi yahhh kelly is amazing :)

  7. What pretty colors! Great review doll! xoxo