Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Review: Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse

         Loving the texture of this foundation it’s very light and dries to a powder. The formula really keeps the skin looking hydrated & fresh. Unfortunately, I have been cursed with flakies around my nose and parts of my cheeks, it’s a HOT MESS, but the foundation really camouflages these bad areas. The coverage is light to medium & I use a damp cosmestic sponge to apply. The products claims to not clog pores & personally I haven't experienced any break outs :) The foundation also doesn't have any spf! so no worries at picture time. I'm wearing the foundation in 240 pure beige. I feel that the shades tend to lean more towards the yellow side perfect for my NC30-35 skin.

         I do have some issues tho’ my face tends to get a little shiny at around the four hour mark so I keep some MAC blot powder handy. Also, i’m not liking the packaging it’s bulky. Would have liked to see this product in a compact like the MAC studio tech foundation. The top compartment of the foundation houses a useless sponge applicator. The bottom portion twists off and holds the foundation

.49 ounces Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse $7.99 @ Target
(.35 ounces MAC studio tech $29.50)

Rating 4/5 (packaging sucks!)

what are your thoughts on this foundation??


p.s. thank you audrey for being my proofreader:)


  1. I haven't tried this foundation. I have heard people rave about the Dream Mousse products and being a Maybelline fan you'd think I'd jump on it. I just haven't been interested. I'm currently using their Mineral Power liquid and pressed powder and after I'm out I plan on trying L'Oreal True Match. :)


  2. I hate the packaging also! Too bad it didnt work out for me, it felt sticky on my skin. :(

  3. Ohh I kind of want to try this now :) x

  4. Good review! I had a similar issue to you except I was getting oilyness after less than an hour... and I have dry skin. By the time I got to work, I could feel my face sweating under the makeup. I do like the finish though.

  5. @neurakris LOL u just reminded me.. i really liked loreal tru match :)

    @miss nikka OOh that's not good sticky foundation is the worst.

    @ariel you should :) it's cheap.

    @cydonian that sucks majorly!

  6. thanks for featuring this product! i've been wanting to get this forever! :D

    <3, Mimi

  7. @Mimi it's amazing I've been wearing it everyday now:)

  8. i've used it, but as an eyeshadow primer and works pretty well... ^_^

  9. @michelle really?? that sounds like a good idea. I'm soo over using UDPP it gets dry too quickly for my liking. I've been using Paint pots recently. I will def give this a try.

  10. Nice blog!!! I havent even tried any Mousse foundation. Wondering what the texture feel like =/ ANyways, i am a new follower. If u dont mind, check out my blog as well =)

    Rinz @ miss-rinrin.blogspot.com