Saturday, August 7, 2010

REVIEW: Mary Kay timewise Microdermabrasion kit

          My awesome-amazing-lovely friend Audrey sent me the Mary Kay microderm kit. It comes with a refining mask and a replenishing serum. I was dying to try this product because of the rave reviews it has gotten.

1. washed my face thoroughly with Biore 4 in 1 foaming cleanser.

2. applied the refining mask in the shower rubbed it in by making little circles around my face using my index and middle finger for about 2mins as recommended on label

4. washed it off in the shower w/ warm water

5. after shower patted down face with towel then applied the serum

The refining mask has a grainy consistency but it’s not abrasive. The products left my skin feeling smooth. It did a great job at removing the dry flaky skin. The packaging is great. The refining masque comes in a squeeze tube and remember a little bit of product goes a long way for this. The serum comes in bottle made or hard plastic with a pump that releases just enough product, which is a good thing because this kit is on the pricey side. The retail value of the kit is $55.00 but you only need to use a tiny bit of this product at a time. Will purchase again :)


  1. Thanks for reviewing this! I was interested in buying t but the price refrained me a bit )=

  2. hey girl i Tagged u in a Tag on my page <3

  3. I've used before too and love it!

  4. Great post girl. Would you say this is good for whiteheads too? xx

  5. Dermabrasion with a refining mask and serum complement. I was going to die trying, because it has been well received product.