Monday, December 21, 2009


contouring can make your face look slimmer & can draw emphasis to those gorgeous cheekbones.

first off... choose a foundation or powder that is up to two shades darker than your skin tone..

i have two the left one is MAC mineralize skin finish natural in “medium deep”
i use this for my night look

on the right is MAC mineralize skin finish natural in “medium dark” for my day look

the difference is subtle when u look at it.. but they are very pigmented so a little shows up a lot.

they key to contouring is BLENDING ! i use my MAC 168 large angled contour brush.

first start with a little dash of color on ur brush

then suck in your cheeks

shade in with the widest part of the brush in the hollow part of your cheek toward your hairline

for my nighttime look i add a dot of the darker color closer to my hairline


i have an wide asian nose :( that unfortunately doesn’t come to a point so i slim it by shading either side of it starting at the bridge to the nostrils.

I use my MAC 224 brush for this

MAC 224 brush $28 @ mac store, MAC 168 brush $32 @ mac store, MAC mineralize skin finish in natural $25 @ mac store.

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